LBI Railway


- Ground Breaking on Railway, initial track plan laid out, no landscaping, lighting, or buildings.


- Construction of raised rock planters,three mainlines installed along with bridges, trestles, and exterior lighting.


- Construction of fourth train line, point to point trolley line connecting the south end to the north expanding the railway along the entire street frontage.

- New houses and structures have been built, DCC conversions in a few locomotives


-New structures, New Philadelphia Street Car will be running on the point to point layout. Sound being installed in non-sound locomotives.

-Brewery Expansion on North end of Railroad

-Industrial Gas Depot on West end of Railroad

-New Locomotive LGB DB Electric Loco BR 140

-New Locomotives and rolling stock have been added to the LBI Railway fleet

-Additional scenes have been setup around the railway with characters from movies, tv shows, etc...